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Yes, you read that correctly, we’re getting close to our v1.1 release. We’ve been working quietly behind the scenes to make a number of things happen.

The single biggest improvement currently is the inclusion of Unit Testing. Unit Testing has been on the agenda for months and years. The problem was that something else – often bugs, sometimes new features – would creep up and push it off the todo list. And then something happened at php|tek..

You can download web2project v1.0 from SourceForge and read the web2project v1.0 Release Notes on our wiki. I’d love to dig into the notes and share some of the individual points, bugs fixed, improvements, features, etc of this release but there are just too many for a single post or even a short series. In fact, I didn’t even realize how many we were dealing with until I put together the release notes.

We invite you all to take a look on our documentation site…

How many Open Source products out there give you the power of knowledge about them, and at the same time gives you the possibility of community interaction in realtime?
We don’t know the answer, what we do know is that web2Project is one of them.