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When we start projects, we often follow the naming conventions of our frameworks without even thinking about the “Why?” It almost seems silly to ask until you run into a – hopefully, legacy – codebase that has an incomplete or inconsistent scheme. Unfortunately, web2project is one of those codebases. For those just joining us, we […]

Excellent. That sounds great. There are a few things you should do to get started: First, explore the Module Builder Guide. Everything there should be correct and accurate as of the v2.0 release of web2project but if you find something incomplete or odd, don’t hesitate to ask on the Support Forums. Next, as you work […]

We invite you all to take a look on our documentation site…

How many Open Source products out there give you the power of knowledge about them, and at the same time gives you the possibility of community interaction in realtime?
We don’t know the answer, what we do know is that web2Project is one of them.

What good is a tool that promises to be faster if you can’t learn how to use it fast too?