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One of the most common configurations out there is related to allowing web2project users to have access to only specific companies. While it’s not as simple as saying “users should only see things from their own company,” it’s not as complicated as you might think. Here’s how I’ve done it for various groups. If you […]

You’ve updated the Project Status to “Complete” and you expected the Project to disappear, but it’s still showing up all over the place. Go back and Edit the Project again. To the right of the Status dropdown, you’ll see a checkbox labeled “Active?” Simply uncheck that and save. Your project is now Inactive and will […]

Great question. The answer is best considered in stages: The earliest versions were basically dotProject with a new theme, some performance improvements due to some database fixes, and a permissions caching layer. By the time version 1.0 rolled around (June 2009), we had removed old/irrelevant code, added dozens of new features, added a module to […]

Excellent. That sounds great. There are a few things you should do to get started: First, explore the Module Builder Guide. Everything there should be correct and accurate as of the v2.0 release of web2project but if you find something incomplete or odd, don’t hesitate to ask on the Support Forums. Next, as you work […]

When you create a new User, they start with no Roles or Permissions. Until they get at least one Role, they will be considered “Inactive” and unable to log in.