web2project homepageAs of this morning – 09 December 2009 – web2project v1.2 is live!

While there is not a huge amount of new user-facing functionality, the sheer number of fixes and amount of cleanup is staggering. Since the v1.1 release in September:

  • Pedro made some major updates to the iCal handling which added the Task Description and Links to the iCal entry for one-stop shop of information.
  • Pedro also added the Brazilian Portuguese translation to core. Rumor has it that there’s an Italian version on the way next.
  • Added some creative caching and pre-calculations to the Task Count, Total Hours, Percent Complete, and Worked Hours to speed up the system significantly.
  • Changed the PDF creation for reports to use a randomly generated filename.
  • Created a GanttRenderer class to centralize the Gantt chart creation with the goal of standardizing behavior and eventually replacing jpGraph completely.
  • We’ve created strong object validation that happens on save. Whenever you attempt to save a Project, Company, Link, etc, the system makes sure the required fields are actually filled in. Realistically, some would claim that the Javascript already did some of this on the front end, but that could be bypassed… and we needed something more solid for the API.
  • The method signatures – specifically for store(), delete(), check(), and a few other calls – have been standardized. This by itself isn’t incredibly useful yet… but we needed something more solid for the API.
  • We did some major refactoring of the core modules based on a code review we received at CodeWorks 2009. Sebastian Bergmann (phpUnit creator), Stefan Priebsch (OO guru), and Arne Blankerts (security guru) were kind enought to take a look at the code and shared feedback on a number of architectural concepts, OO improvements, and overall code clarity. These changes aren’t immediately visible to end users but we needed something more solid for the API.
  • Finally, Trevor and I (mostly him) added about 40 Unit Tests since the v1.1 release. While we don’t distribute them in the release – you have to get them via SVN – they’re useful for testing against the growing API.

Are you detecting the pattern here?

Further, we closed nearly 50 items ranging from 8 crash-level bugs to 20 minor bugs to 4 pre-defined feature requests. Of course, that only covers the things logged as issues. If you want to see everything of interest, check out the web2project v1.2 Release Notes on our wiki.

In accordance with our quarterly release schedule, this is our final release for 2009. The next release will be 1.3 in March 2010 with v2.0 scheduled for June 2010.