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At php|tek 2011 last month, we had three of the five core web2project members in attendance. Despite my best efforts to protect the project by making sure we were never standing as a group (vulnerable to a meteor), eating together (vulnerable to food poisoning), or flying together (vulnerable to the Swan Station), cooler heads prevailed […]

I’m pleased to announce that if you’ll be at php|tek 2011 in Chicago this May*, you’ll be able to meet some of the team. Both Trevor Morse and I (Keith Casey) will be in attendance. We aren’t planning to run a “Birds of a Feather” session or an Unconference session or participating in the Hackathon […]

The single biggest improvement currently is the inclusion of Unit Testing. Unit Testing has been on the agenda for months and years. The problem was that something else – often bugs, sometimes new features – would creep up and push it off the todo list. And then something happened at php|tek..