Continuing the effort of providing a product that is Open Source but still making it the least cumbersome as possible, we are providing a place where you can view a complete cross reference of web2Projects code.
Hardcore programmers will love it, and the casual user can always use it for reference when getting support on the forums.
And the fun part is that it is updated daily, so you can always count on it to help you out with the latest code.
Click here to see the web2Projects Source Code Reference

Speaking of support and forums, we are introducing a new support channel… the LiveChat.
It is our way of improving the way our community interacts, bringing it together faster because it is integrated with our forums, so if you have a forum account you will be able to use it right away.
LiveChat is our way of saying that good and fast support are a priority for us, just as much as creating a good and responsive community. The more we communicate the faster we’ll evolve.
So join our community in the web2Project Forums and see for yourselves.

web2Projects infrastructure is now in place as we approach our first release… stay tuned… this baby is about to be born.

Pedro A.