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At least a dozen times a week, I pitch someone on why they should use web2project. Depending on whether they’re a developer, a project manager, or a small business owner, I tune the pitch appropriately. I call it a pitch.. not because I want someone to buy web2project – it’s free for anyone to download […]

As of yesterday 30 March 2011, web2project v2.3 has hit the street. You can download it from Sourceforge now. While under development, we didn’t fully realize what all this release would entail. As this development cycle began, we had a perfect storm of events: a holiday break, a particularly motivated project team, a few moments […]

I’m pleased to announce that if you’ll be at php|tek 2011 in Chicago this May*, you’ll be able to meet some of the team. Both Trevor Morse and I (Keith Casey) will be in attendance. We aren’t planning to run a “Birds of a Feather” session or an Unconference session or participating in the Hackathon […]

The other day someone dropped me a note and asked for some reasons why they should use Web2project over some of the alternatives out there. If they were a developer, I would have talked about code quality, good object-oriented principles, quickly closing bugs and a host of other things. But since this person is primarily […]

As of Sunday, January 9th, the first version of the Risk Management Module is available for Web2project. While I’d love to be able to describe all the changes, the conversion process covered so many aspects, it’s hard to list them all. The most important ones are: It supports full permissions, so you can configure Roles […]