While we haven’t announced new team members in the past, I figure we should use this blog for something useful…

I’d like to formally welcome Benjamin Young as a Provisional Member of the Web2project Team.

You may not recognize his name, but you may recognize some of his work. In the ancient past, he founded BigBlueHat and started the PHP-based BlueInk CMS. More recently, he accepted a job with CouchOne – the company started by the creator of CouchDB – and is singing the praises of RESTful databases. Of more immediate interest to the Web2project community, Benjamin is known as TheIdeaMan in the dotProject community where he has served as a core contributor leading a great deal of the development on their stable_2 branch for the past couple years.

He brings a number of benefits to the team immediately: First, since Web2project was originally based on dotProject, he joins us with understanding specific to our application’s overall infrastructure and code. Next, his experience in the community gives him insight to what our current and potential users want and need. Finally, his background with RESTful web architectures adds to our expertise for the current and continued API development.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about Benjamin, check him out on GitHub –  BigBlueHat or TheIdeaMan –  or explore his blog.