Some will notice that we now have a Departments list and that our mailer can provide TLS and SSL through SMTP.

As a matter of fact we do value the Departments in an entirely new way.
Let me explain:

  1. Departments are now a permission object that stands between the Companies and the rest of the other objects, like Projects, Tasks and so on. So you can now limit the users to see projects from a Department of a Company. And in web2Project this can be done at Role level so you don’t need to do it in a User by User basis.
  2. The Departments now have a type field which you can control via the Lookup Values just like you did with the Companies. By default we have created 3 types: Profit, Cost and Not Defined. Which suit the normal business environments out there.
  3. We added an email field to the Departments so that we make it consistent with the Companies records.

I could go on all day with all the features you can find in web2Project not available on other products, but I leave it up to you to try and test it and have fun at it.

We are getting ready to launch to stay tuned and let us know what you think on the support forums, we appreciate the feedback.

Thank you,

Pedro A.