If it isn’t for the strong believe that your Idea will prevail and that the time invested on it was to create something you can be proud at the end of the day, I would probably have quit and tried something else that made me feel that way.

Truth is, I am not a quitter.

And 3 months of crazy development made me believe even more in what I was and am doing.
To a point that I am writting this Article to the believers and the unbelievers, something that to say the truth does not please me the most since I am a very pragmatic person and to whom time is a very valuable resource.
Translating… I got better things to do than writting web content.

Pragmatic people will ask right way… “So when will web2Project be available?”
The right answer to that question is.. When it is ready.
Which of course does not satisfy anyone.
It will be available when I am proud of having my name associated with it, and my quality standards are high… very high.

Some will read… “next year”, others will read… “this will be a good product”.
I favor the second view over the first because the second is closer to the truth.

And don’t worry because:
The Birth will come naturally.

Pedro A.